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“I traveled four hours for Lolita’s 1-day retreat and was not disappointed. It solidified that her four-day retreat is where I must be at the very next chance. The yoga session and group coaching tapped into me individually. The action plan that we developed has kept me focused and accountable. I am so proud of myself and am even interacting with others more confidently at home and at work. Thank You. - K. Chavers

Speaking is 2nd nature to Lolita.  She is AMAZING and instantly drew me in with her instructional acronyms because I felt like she was targeting her message directly to me.  I will ALWAYS remember and act on her nuggets of "Women who A.F.F.I.R.M."  Thank You! - L. Thompson

Working with Lolita has been powerful, to say the least. I feel as though she really “got” me, and was able to help me get crystal clear on what I needed to do to make my dream job and life come into full fruition. The way she honored me and my goals gave me the push I needed. I left our sessions feeling clear on what my next step was, and feeling very empowered. The results speak for themselves. Thank you Lolita!
— L. Fradet

 “Attending Lolita’s retreat has made a significant difference in my life. The facilitators enabled me, coached me, and gave me the confidence that allowed me to breathe and be free to take actions that will forever positively change my life.”

— K. Calixte

I had never created a vision board before, but the experience was amazing.  It made me realize how important it was for my self-development by visualizing my thoughts, dreams, and goals.  By doing this, it helped me to create it, see it, feel it, and start LIVING IT!

                                                            - F Muhammad

AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME!! I learned so much: how to be goal focused, plan for change, and how to be accountable, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
— NK Hayes

Lolita gets a 2 THUMBS UP. Her process of navigating transition opened my mind to make more clear decisions by focusing on my goals and what was really important.  I created a plan that identified a strong support system, one I didn't even realize that I had.  Thank You! - D. Joseph

“THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! There’s only one word to accurately describe the women’s renewal & training retreat, PHENOMENAL! Travelling from California for the retreat, the entire weekend was filled with nothing short of exceptionalism from so many inspiriting & captivating minds, as well as life lessons. I walked away feeling renewed, re-engaged, and refocused on making this my BEST YEAR EVER. ”

— D. Thomas


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“Spending a weekend at the Walker & Walker Enterprises retreat was worth every penny & every second. I am a career focused woman working my way up the career ladder, furthering my education, maintaining a household, & taking time for loved ones, while neglecting me and not even realizing it. From this retreat, I learned to pause & reset. I left with a new focus on life, a clear vision, and a plan of how to achieve it. I am investing in me by attending future retreats offered by Walker & Walker Enterprises, to help me stay focused, balanced, & maintained for the one life God has blessed me with. I am on a happier, more fulfilled journey, with a fresh renewal of life.” - E. Evans


This was a life changing event for me. Lolita taught me how to create a vision board and use it to accomplish my goals. She is very thorough and her G.A.P.S. Plan is a GREAT tool in showing you how to reach your goal. - A. Haurand


I LOVE LOVE LOVE how Lolita helps women in every area of their lives - personally, professionally, and spiritually. I also love the products that compliment her business. I always get compliments when I wear my shirts and they remind that I Am Worthy and I Am Enough! Thanks Lolita! I can't wait to work with you on my business. - Q. Roberts

Her program is unique versus any change management session I have ever attended.  Eye-opening, focused, and action-oriented are three words to describe it.  I had so much fun. Lolita’s approach is hands on and before I realized it, I had constructed a change map that holds me accountable for my commitments and my goals.  She challenged me, got me out of my comfort zone, and I loved it.
— E. Alexander

Thanks for a stellar weekend of sisterhood & enlightenment.  It was a display of how an inter-generational group of women found common ground, an opportunity to learn from one another, appreciate the wisdom shared, socialize, & experience something new.  I learned to sit, be still, listen, watch, and pay attention.  Thank you for new life lessons.   - A Bennett


“Lolita creates sacred spaces and then she creates MOMENTS. One speech from her and I was instantly hooked. I have boarded her change train and am not leaving until she kicks me off! She is power!” - T. Morehouse