To Embrace and Sustain Change Is A Choice.  Choose Wisely.


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Choose Experience

Engage experience from the start


Choose You

Navigate freely, clearly and confidently

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  • Would a personalized road map help guide your path to lasting success?

  • Would an expert partnering with you to vision your big picture, then chunk it down into manageable pieces, help you feel less overwhelmed & more productive?

  • Will an accountability partner who helps you drill deep to get things done, assist in moving your dreams forward?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, a 1:1 Individual Coaching Session with Lolita is just what you need!

speaking & teaching with Lolita e walker of Walker & Walker Enterprises.


Lolita speaks using "instructional acronyms" that quickly engage & motivate her diverse audiences of phenomenal women.  Whether for a work group, corporate team or government agency, the message is clear and ties into your goals. Lolita use the power of a single word to motivate and empower her audiences toward clarity and action.

Renewal & Training Retreats with Lolita E. Walker.png


Whether corporate team, groups, auxiliaries, or simply great friends, YOU deserve to FINALLY take time to withdraw! Through workshops, coaching, action planning, mindfulness, yoga, a private chef, and so much more, you will reset and renew for the greatness that lies ahead.


Hear directly from graduates of a Walker & Walker Enterprises Renewal & Training Retreat

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Whether 2 or 102, you are never too young to Profess, Declare & Commit to the GREATNESS of your day!   

There is POWER in affirming yourself daily!  Why not allow Lolita to create a customized affirmation that speaks directly to you?   Alongside your personal affirmation, you will also receive instructions on how to seamlessly weave it into your everyday routine!

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5-10 seats, 1 result.  

Join an EXCLUSIVE live & interactive virtual webinar course that is specifically designed to teach you actionable tools and methodologies to "E.A.T" Change to Nourish YOU. Sound strange? Well, that’s because you are not already seated at the table! It’s your time to get up, get bold, and get results. Meet me for 5 weeks of intentional and intense training as we get ready to Embrace, Act, & Thrive in the newness of the change that you are experiencing! !#letsgo

Course topics:

  • PAUSE with a purpose

  • CLEAR as mud

  • THRIVE in your greatness

Visioning & Beyond.png


Would putting your vision on paper benefit you personally, or even be a great strategic next step to help push your team toward a clear goal?  Allow Lolita to use this powerful tool to navigate you to your end destination.

Whether corporate group or work team looking to get clear on your strategy, small group looking to outline your vision for the year, or even a 1:1 where you are seeking to drive clarity on where you want to be, this experience is about creativity, guided visioning, & is a workshop that takes you BEYOND the board!

1on1 VIP Strategy with Lolita E. Walker.png


Looking for 1-on-1 support to help guide your strategic journey?  

Whether work, home, school, or life, I will help you develop your strategy to reach your next level.  

You will choose strategic sessions versus my coaching session if you:

  • Have a vision of where you want to be, do, or have

  • Are a bit overwhelmed or have tried unsuccessfully to organize and prioritize work against your vision

  • Feel stuck in your decision making, are in the weeds, and simply need someone to help you think big picture

Offering sessions that range from 1-6 in total, let's connect for to talk the details of creating a strategy that drives your future.

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Info-packed, fun, interactive, & action-focused, an in-person or web-based session with Lolita will inspire, motivate, and refresh you, your team, and/or your organization.