More than self-help, coaching, motivation, and empowerment!

This book takes you on a rewarding journey of self-discovery. It is a reminder that your passion, power, and purpose begin with you. It drives clarity, sets intention, and focuses on the foundation of you. This book promises to shift you, your mindset, and your actions.

Affirmations, personal stories, and exercises will challenge your thinking and shine a light on your best you! You'll make amazing discoveries at each of the 17 stops within the book.  You board at Journey Junction and end at Gratitude Gateway. Remember to gift your review of your amazing experience!



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I enjoyed reading “The Intersection of You and Change.” This book has a unique and powerful way of taking you on a journey to transforming your life. There is so much heartfelt experience, knowledge, and expertise shared in this book. There are many excellent soul searching exercises that help you go deeper. All through the book it is as if the author is speaking directly to you as if in person from heart to heart. You will experience change after reading this book.
— M. Means
Wow, We googled self-discovery books and this one sounded very interesting. My book club ordered 25 copies and we were not disappointed. It stirred up so much emotion in us. From tears to laughs, it was great to learn more about these women who I have known for 2 years! Who knew?? I highly recommend this book. for any woman who wants to grow.
— T. Schubaker


  • Your book clubs, your aunt, your sister, your peer, your friend, your class, your women’s group, your tribe!

  • Any woman seeking to be her best her!

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    (..and no worries, you won’t be the first who grabbed one for yourself as well :)


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This book is the Walker & Walker Enterprises Women’s Renewal Retreat in a book. It is fantastic and just what I needed to rejuvenate me right now! Thank you Lolita!
— E. Evans

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