The Methodologies are Long-Lasting

Two methodologies guide Walker & Walker Enterprises:  Always start with the “foundation of you" and Focus on the transition versus on the change.

By the end of a coaching session or any service of your choosing, your mindset will have shifted and you will have built a number of core tangibles, including strong pillars of support, actionable plans, and commitments of personal accountability to drive results. 



The Book Meets You Where You Are

Lolita’s methodologies are intertwined with a few of her own personal stories, affirmations, & poetry. She then challenges you with questions and exercises that lead to your own personal growth. #winning

Beginning at “Journey Junction,” and ending at “Gratitude Gateway,” Lolita takes you aboard her Change Train and on a journey to self-love and care, introspective looks within and allows room for you to challenge your thinking as you grow.