A Walker & Walker Enterprises Women's Renewal Retreat is LIKE NO OTHER!

Intentionally small and intimate, the retreat is delicately & uniquely crafted FOR PHENOMENAL WOMEN. BY PHENOMENAL WOMEN. TO UNLEASH & EMPOWER PHENOMENAL WOMEN.

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Because, self-love is NOT selfish! 

Join a retreat of renewal, reflection, strategy and self-love.  Our guided experts, paired with our mindful behaviors, will unleash and renew you through your timeless investment!  Every detail of the retreat is curated to increase your awareness of mind, body, and soul.  



Why Is THIS Retreat PERFECT For You?

  • Are you a woman who takes care of everyone else, rarely investing in yourself?

  • Do you feel overwhelmed at the challenges and/or triumphs coming to you at once?

  • Do you need a moment to simply pause from the hustle and bustle of your everyday routine?

  • Will you benefit from "me time" to help realign, rejuvenate, renew, and reward YOU?

  • Is the grind at work reminding you that a release to focus on you is necessary and essential?

If you answered yes to one or all of the questions above, THIS retreat is JUST what you need!

Spending a weekend at this retreat was worth every penny & every second. I am a career focused woman working my way up the career ladder, furthering my education, maintaining a household, & taking time for loved ones, while neglecting me and not even realizing it. From this retreat, I learned to pause & reset. I left with a new focus on life, a clear vision, and a plan of how to achieve it. I am investing in me by attending future retreats offered by Walker & Walker Enterprises, to help me stay focused, balanced, & maintained for the one life God has blessed me with. I am on a happier, more fulfilled journey, with a fresh renewal of life.
— E. Evans

It's Time

But why? And how do you know this retreat is truly what you need to be more productive, more creative, and more self-aware?

....Because it's time to withdraw, escape, & simply invest in you

To delay this investment, may, in fact, compromise who you are as an individual, and/or your effective happiness, health, and productive, free self. 


This unique retreat starts with a pause, a reflection, and an introspective look at you.  Each moment matters.  From the time you register, to the time you reconnect in 30-days, your moments will build upon each other to re-energize, restore, and renew you to the power woman you are!

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Attending the retreat has made a significant difference in my life. The facilitators enabled me, coached me, and gave me the confidence that allowed me to breathe and be free to take actions that will forever positively change my life.
— K. Calixte

These mind-shifting and life-changing retreats have been in collaboration with AMAZING women entrepreneurs, who are powerhouse experts in their fields.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! There’s only one word to accurately describe the women’s renewal & training retreat, PHENOMENAL! The entire weekend was filled with nothing short of exceptionalism from so many inspiriting & captivating minds, as well as life lessons. I walked away feeling renewed, re-engaged, and refocused on making this my BEST YEAR EVER.
— D. Thomas

Invest in yourself.  Invest in a woman you know. 

Still Undecided? 

It happens to the best of us.

Check out the testimonial video to answer any additional questions you may have.

Attending this retreat was the best thing that could have happened to me. I was hesitant at first, but so glad I decided to go. I went into the process feeling drained, run down, & like I had lost my identity. This retreat allowed me to realize I must first take care of myself before I can focus on anything else. My focus had become my two toddlers and not myself. My vision board allowed me to see things in my life that I loved, yet were missing. Then the workshops kept building my toolkit. An emotional ride, that in the end, left me with a winning spirit & renewed mind. I mattered & it was ok to be selfish. Thank you so much to the facilitators who gave so much of their time, emotion, and individualized coaching.
— A. Anderson

Here’s a snip-it of what you’ll walk away with:

  • A physical vision / strategy board that gives you a blueprint for your goals, both personally and professionally and shows the linkages that exist

  • A clear action plan that delves deep into the ownership, accountability, and commitment that is needed to achieve your defined goals

  • A network of 8-10 other women, who can help you soar on your quest of continued growth

  • Self-care, personal growth, professional productivity and ownership

  • 1:1 coaching with experts ranging from yoga, goal setting, vision boarding, cooking with creativity, critical thinking and so much more

  • Assignments and Clarity from my book, The Intersection of You & Change

***The Fine Print***

DISCLAIMER:  The information being provided is for informational/educational purposes only and should not be viewed as medical advice.  if you are dealing with any medical condition, please contact your health care provider.**


A deposit per ticket is non-refundable.  Please see the details for the specific retreat you are attending for the confirmed non-refundable amounts and the process to transfer your purchase, if necessary.  Please notify your host at retreats@lolitawalker.com with any questions you may have.