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Thank you for this AMAZING affirmation. I’d been saying different daily affirmations for years as I thought of them, but was never consistent. I finally stumbled upon you. This is perfect! Thank you for creating such an amazing and powerful affirmation that is personalized for my mom, daughter, son, husband, and myself. We are now a family of #AffirmationsByLolita. Thank you so much.
— S. Johnson

There is supreme power in "I AM," and "I WILL."

You are never too young or too seasoned to begin your affirmation journey! 

 What if....

You could articulate and face your challenges & fears in an affirmative?

You declared the positives in your day with poetic words each day? 



You would then experience an increase in:

- Confidence    - Productivity   -Relationships - Perspective    -And Much More


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