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As the founder and owner of Walker & Walker Enterprises LLC., I am simply delighted that you would consider donating to Walker & Walker Enterprises, LLC. I have created a small business that has erupted into a movement which empowers women and teams to embrace (where they are), act (in their strengths) and thrive (in their greatness). This work is SO IMPORTANT TO ME and SO MUCH APPRECIATED by everyone that is personally or professionally developed through the services, programs, and products of Walker & Walker Enterprises, LLC.

Your donation will help make the difference for a woman or a team eager to move distractions out of their way and drive toward a renewed ownership, accountability, confidence, and clarity! Whether a coaching session or package, a ticket for a retreat attendee, or materials toward upcoming events, NO GIFT IS TOO SMALL OR TOO LARGE!

**As you click the button below to donate, you will see examples of what your gift can be earmarked toward. Should you choose to donate toward anything specific or whether you leave it general, you will have an opportunity to outline your desires when completing the form.


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Lolita E Walker