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Lolita is GIFTING YOU the “Deal of the Century” so YOU will Grow!

$50 for 50 Minutes:

  • Learn with Lolita, a Certified Expert for 4 Tuesdays in October 2019

  • Meet new folks on a live, interactive webinar

  • Challenge what is limiting your leap forward

  • Gain renewed confidence and action toward your goals

With SAVINGS OF $145 PER SESSION, you MUST GRAB YOUR SPACE because we don’t know when you’ll see this again…AT THIS DISCOUNTED RATE! Whether you choose to join 1 session or decide to take part in the complete 4-part series, you will leave with strategies & tools that propel you to your next level. WHY STAY COMPLACENT WHEN YOU ARE BEING GIFTED THE OPPORTUNITY TO GROW?


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An 8-Week Course Worth YOUR Time, Energy, & Investment into YOU!

shifting you through intentional course work with lolita e walker of walker & walker enterprises


This 8-week, interactive and intensive course is designed for those who are ready to elevate to their next level of greatness, by challenging themselves to make, break, and take control of the change they want to see … and deserve to experience!

Hmmmm, did that spark your interest? Well take a click of the button below to review a comprehensive outline on what you can expect through this 8-module course that offers bonuses, tools, strategies, and methodologies, to build what, Lolita has trademarked as,

When you commit, do the work, and follow Lolita’s proprietary process, you are committing yourself to lasting results.


You Want More & We Are On It!

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