Let's M.O.V.E. into 2019 with a bit of Intention

I recently had the amazing opportunity to sit with Veronica Johnson of ABC’s Channel 7 and NewsCenter 8 for four minutes of a great conversation. We chatted my book and I shared four tips to get you moving into 2019. Here’s a bit more that we were unable to chat on the air!


Make time for YOU!

How often do you give your all to work, to home, to kids, to spouses, to friends and family? How often do you reserve that same amount of energy, time and resources to yourself? Likely the two are a bit off balanced! Well, the good and the bad news is that you are not alone! So what do you do? It is a new year and time to simply make a bit of time for yourself.

Here’s a thought. Grab your calendar and start with adding and entry called “Me Time.” Begin with a recurring entry once a month at the same time, on the same day. Perhaps your”Me Time” means taking yourself to a restaurant on your own, the library on Saturday morning, the house of a friend who will be out of town next weekend, a 30 minute walk around the neighborhood, or even a day of pampering just for you. Whatever it is that gets you to a happy place, allowing yourself to pause, is well worth the time - your time. Try something that you have yet to do, but have always wanted to do. It’s time for you to experience the unexpected, and the great news is that you have already scheduled this time into your busy calendar!

I invite you to check out my upcoming retreat where I have arranged an intentional pause, reset and rejuvenation just for you! Click here to read more about this amazing weekend renewal.

Open your mind to embrace the word “no”

“Yes, I can do that.” “Yes, I’ll take care of that.” These are phrases that are no strangers to most of us. The word no is not always a negative.

Consider this. Saying no can be two-fold. It can not only give you time back for you, but it can also reissue the power that you may have taken, back to the individuals who are beyond capable to handle the task(s) that are being asked of you. Are there any “yes’s” that you give without being asked? Sounds like a crazy question right? But, not really. Think about it. Have you said things like “I’ll do it” or “I’ll take care of it” without the question being directly posed to you?

It’s ok to laugh now hahah.. Challenge yourself to say no and release yourself from the guilt that typically follows.

Victory is yours! Visualize it.

Victory is in fact yours so let’s visualize it, claim it, and make it a reality! Vision Boards help with this visualization. Not only is this your creation of images, words, and phrases of where you want and claim to be , but there are neurons in the brain that equate your visualization to reality. Let’s celebrate the small wins as you claim victories along your journey.

Experience the power of affirmations.

To affirm is to declare what you want and believe is possible. Whether a personalized affirmation or reading through a deck of 40, when you walk in your affirmation, your confidence, clarity, and commitment pushes up a notch!

Try this. Choose two of your strengths and add “ I am” in front of each. Follow that up with an opportunity that you wish to manifest into a strength. Finally end with your name. For example, mines could be:

I am a powerful speaker. (strength)

I am a dynamic coach. (strength)

I am a purposeful perfectionist. (an opportunity that I want to be more purposeful about)

I am Lolita E. Walker

Consider reciting yours for the remainder of this week. Be honest with yourself in how you feel, how you act, how you move in this new space.

Yes, it is time for you to M.O.V.E.

If you are ready to jump start your year with intention, a plan, and accountability, please plan to join me February 21-24, 2019.



Veronica Johnson, of ABC’s Channel 7 & News Channel 8, connects with me on Good Morning Washington

Listen in as I share a bit of motivation as we enter 2019! Are you ready to make your Power M.O.V.E.? Grab 4 tips on how to M.O.V.E. forward and leap to where you want and deserve to be.


Lolita E. Walker

Lolita is a change expert and champion for women who founded Walker & Walker Enterprises, LLC. as a movement that helps and empowers busy women to take back moments for themselves to truly embrace, act, and thrive in the challenges of change. Through unique training workshops, speaking, coaching, 1:1 consultations, and affirmations, to name a few, Lolita is engaging and touching women's lives each day. Ownership, accountability, and clarity are three of her focal points throughout her teachings.