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Walker & Walker Enterprises partners with corporations and government agencies to maximize the personal and professional potential of its human capital.

Whether one-on-one or as part of a training and development program, enhancing leaders, their leaders and other employees are critical for sustainable results.

Lolita E. Walker is a certified life and executive coach with a focus on transformational wellness to journey you and your teams to sustainable change. With almost two decades of experience growing individuals and groups, each facilitator has corporate and government consulting experience.

Lolita and her team bring a technical, business and personal skill-set that enhances each session they conduct or program they implement. We leave you, your teams, and organization with increased awareness, accountability, ownership, leadership, a focused mindset, and metrics that matter.



Corporate Consulting with Walker & Walker Enterprises



With almost two-decades of experience in corporate america, Lolita and her team know the ever-changing dynamics that exist and the imperatives for successful transitions within those changes.

Walker & Walker Enterprises is well-positioned to to help develop, implement, measure, and maintain ongoing success within the corporate arena.




With agency consulting experience, Lolita and her team look forward to working with you.