"To dream is to vision a goal. To vision a goal is to set your mind to your greatness & know you will thrive. To thrive is to truly live as your best and most productive you!" - Lolita E. Walker

Go beyond what you believe visioning is.

  • Thought of creating a personal vision board, but haven't gotten around to it?

  • Looking for a creative way to bring your team on board to creating a shared vision?

  • Gotten stuck because you didn't have a guide or know what next?

  • Never created a vision board, but think the idea is pretty cool and can be beneficial to your group?

Answered yes to any of these questions?  Then a Visioning & Beyond Event is for you!


I absolutely loved the vision board event and the time spent with women on the move. It was what I needed to jump start a step change.
— V. Nelson
Visioning & Beyond with Lolita e Walker of Walker & Walker Enterprises

What is a Vision Board?

Consider your vision as your destination & your vision board as the GPS that will navigate you through the twists & turns on your journey to reach that destination.

Your vision board is a personal and visual depiction of the vision for your life. This powerful tool assists you in driving clarity and focus on a specific goal you want to achieve.  It is your intentional and sacred display of images, quotes, and other creatives, that represent what you want to be, what you want to do, and what you want to have, in a particular area of your life. 

A Visioning Workshop hosted by Walker & Walker Enterprises is DIFFERENT FROM THE REST because it takes you BEYOND.

Alongside the board that you create, you also get several BONUSES:

+ A guide to walk you through the process       + Mindfulness   Activities       +All Materials to create your board      + Intentional next     step workshop     + Group Circle of Discussion      + Networking, Food & Fun 



Strategy, Simplification, & A Safe Space to Soar!

Beyond the vision board with walker & walker enterprises llc .png
As the manager of a small team, I am now very clear as to what they vision for our future, what they will buy into, and where their passions lie in getting the work done. This was creative and different than any other strategic visioning we have done. It was amazing to vision and create our action plan. I cannot say enough.
— T. Taylor

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