You Need A Change Partner

A Guide to Drive Accountability and Help You Realize Wins.....But Why???

change is difficult

Change leads to progress. Though common knowledge, change stumps us at first, is more disruptive as it evolves, and sheds light at the end of the journey. The tough part is that, from where you are standing, that light seems to simply be a shadow of what can be. Change becomes a more difficult road to travel alone. Once you digest the initial fundamentals of knowing:

  • What the change is

  • Why the change is important

  • How you fit within the change

  • When the change will take place

  • Who else the change will affect……You oftentimes need to find a seat in a faraway corner simply to take it all in. Overwhelming, right? And think..... if it is overwhelming to you, what about your children, your family, your subordinates, and your teams who will be grabbing their bags and taking the journey with you.... some excited, some a bit reluctant, and some that have yet to even know how they feel. The good news is that a change partner acts as your coach, accountability partner, mentor, confident and the cornerstone that drives you to productively function in the midst of your transition. They provide tools that free your mind to make clear and confident decisions. They remind you of actions you know equate to a successful win on the other side of change. Assuming the change doesn’t shift your ethical compass, embracing it will be the start to your new normal.


easing into change

It is easy to wander off the path of healthy change when there’s so much on the line. Big dreams, lofty goals, pressure for results and the black abyss of unknown can be scary, though achievable. The gentlest way to ease into a change is to set and meet small goals. These little victories cultivate growth, establish a sense of trust, and create belief in those who depend on you for success.

As you realize wins and overlay them with what will remain constant during the change, you then become increasingly confident in navigating within the new space. 

change partners


Change is good. Without it, we become stale, stagnant and planted in a sea of status quo. There is no denying that embracing change is tough, however seeking a partner is a strength that you will appreciate when you are growing and thriving in your new beginning. It is easier to share the weight with a friend who will hold you accountable and challenge you on the journey. With Walker & Walker you have a professional friend to help you not only embrace change, but also thrive in it.



The 5-step program offers viable steps to clear, confident & cohesive change:

5-steps to successful change

1.  Manage Transition

2.  B.E. F.R.E.E.

3.  Get C.L.E.A.R

4.  Build with Intent

5.  Maintain & Sustain

By the end, you will have constructed a C.L.E.A.R change map, which houses strong pillars of support, actionable plans, and commitments of personal accountability to drive results.




The consultancy was birthed from the notion that individuals and teams benefit from an unbiased outsider freeing minds to more effectively transition through change - whether work, home or life. The programs' outcome of a tangible change map, serves as an accountability tool to guide you, and those who depend on you, through your transition.


Lolita E. Walker is the founder of Walker & Walker Enterprises. She is a mother, process improvement specialist and change management expert.  She is the change management consultant who will partner with you, personally stepping through how to free your mind, manage your transitions, and embrace your change through acceptance and renewal. Her change management program results in self-discovery of the strengths that will drive your success, coaching that translates into increased communications with those depending on you, and a sustainable change map that drives clarity, confidence, ownership and action.  Learn more about her program by visiting