Hello. My Name is Fear.

Let Me Re-introduce Myself...

fear nametag.jpg

My name is Fear.  I come around every now and then, but today i want to speak with you face to face.  I am that little butterfly emotion that lives within you.  I stir up those confusing and anxious feelings that stand at attention in your mind, heart and body, whenever you think of stepping out of your (and my) comfort zone!

I shouldn’t tell you this, but your friends, Confidence, Expertise, and Belief, can easily knock me down with just one look.  Please do not allow my lies and manipulations of what could have been, handcuff your experience, potential and authenticity.  If you continue to allow me to maintain control,  I promise to leave you in an empty room full of despair, nervousness and the stubbornness of staying stagnant. 


As we walked down the street just the other day, there was a sign.  It said “Fear is a Liar.” I thought for sure, right then and there, that you would cast me aside, however it seems that I have planted myself so deeply within you, that you overlooked the truth within the phrase.

Well, today, I am officially here to give you permission to LEAP into YOUR GREATNESS.

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Here are a few ways you can identify your fears and hold them at bay.  Grab a sheet of paper when you have time to truly reflect and when you are in a space to be open and honest.

1.      When you think of the change you are currently experiencing, what fears are associated?

2.     Think through why you classify each of these as fears.

3.     What triggers these fears to take hold?

4.     What physically happens to you when these fears arise?

Now that you know what is physically happening to you when Fear peaks its head, you have regained your power!  Face fear head on and tackle it as you do any other distraction that takes you away from your most productive state.  Let’s say that again.  Tackle fear as you do any other distraction that takes you away from your most productive state!  Though fear will peak every now and again, when you are prepared to tackle it, you have the power to truly hold it at bay and move on to embracing what Fear attempted to take over!

Knowing, Triggering, Resolving!

fear handcuff you to remain still.jpg

Don’t allow Fear to handcuff you to a place of the unknown.  There is too much to do, too much to learn, too much to conquer.  Embrace change and knock fear on its butt!



Lolita E. Walker is the founder of Walker & Walker Enterprises. She is a mother, process improvement specialist and change management expert.  She is the change management consultant who will partner with you, personally stepping through how to free your mind, manage your transitions, and embrace your change through acceptance and renewal. Her change management program results in self-discovery of the strengths that will drive your success, coaching that translates into increased communications with those depending on you, and a sustainable change map that drives clarity, confidence, ownership and action.  Learn more about her program by visiting https://www.lolitawalker.com