Are You Ready to Board the "Change Train?"

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You have been planning this trip for months. Your out-of-office message is on, your ticket is printed, your bag is packed, and you are finally headed to the train station. As you enjoy the open road of comfort and familiarity, you come upon a caution sign that reads “CHANGE AHEAD.”

Your mind instantly races to what this may mean for you and your trip. This single sign of caution is the catalyst to a series of decisions you will make along your journey.    

Do you keep going? Or do you allow the fear of unknown to stifle your plans and force you to quickly turn around?


Deep down, you already know what to do! You have worked too hard and planned too long to turn back now! You must keep driving with the purpose of boarding that train – ON TIME!


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Here are 5 tips to make the best of your journey.

1.     Find Your Right Train

You get to the station and all of the trains look alike. The train numbers are not easily identifiable and no one is in your immediate sight to ask for help.  Learn as much from the information desk as possible. Get guidance on finding the right train, which will have the right conductor to take you to your change destination.

2.     Board with Confidence

You have researched, planned, and are ready to go!! Though your trip began with an unexpected change, you are ready and willing to take the ride. Board the train with increased confidence in yourself, your experiences and your skills. Those core aspects are within your control and are what define your expertise.   Believe in them!

3.     Engage Other Passengers

Seek to understand. You are not on this journey alone. Connect with others who have experienced the same or similar changes. They have insights on what you should expect during your transition. They may also share how they navigated their journey– the successes and failures. Don’t miss out on information that people are willing to share. Step out of your comfort zone and engage them!

4.     Share Your Story

Though you may be at the start of your journey, you have a story to tell. Share how you learned about the change, what fears you have, their triggers, what you are hoping for, and what role you see yourself playing.

5.     Have an Arrival Plan

When you arrive, you'll want to make the most of your trip, so properly plan. Outline your to-do list, who you need for support, when you will do it and how each will help you reach your trip goals.

Most of All.......Enjoy the Ride.  Your change train will make many stops along the way. Learn from each and keep the lines of communications open with all you meet.

If you need me along the way, I am here.



The consultancy was birthed from the notion that individuals and teams benefit from an unbiased outsider freeing minds to more effectively transition through change - whether work, home or life. One of the program outcomes of a tangible change map, serves as an accountability tool to guide you, and those who depend on you, through your transition.


Lolita E. Walker is the founder of Walker & Walker Enterprises. She is a mother, process improvement specialist and change management expert. She is the change management consultant who will partner with you, personally stepping through how to free your mind, manage your transitions, and embrace your change through acceptance and renewal. Her change management program results in self-discovery of the strengths that will drive your success, coaching that translates into increased communications with those depending on you, and a sustainable change map that drives clarity, confidence, ownership and action. Learn more about her program by visiting