I'll Take Feedback from You, and You, and You!

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Hey Change Agents!

It’s 2018 and time to walk more confidently into the changes that are coming your way by deliberately seeking the awesome gift of feedback.

Allow the New Year to bring a New You. Leap into your discomfort of seeking direct feedback and know that there is occasionally discomfort from those you are seeking the feedback from.  The feeling is likely mutual, so lightening the load with a smile or approachable manner is a good bet.

Ask for specific feedback with the intent of listening carefully to the strengths and the opportunities that are shared. My daddy always told me that you have two ears and one mouth and to use them accordingly.

**His voice is still in my ear despite him no longer on this earth. He even made it to part of my "Embrace, Act, & Thrive" program of #embracingchange. 


Here’s 5 tips to get you going.


1. Ease the discomfort by letting them know you are seeking feedback for this specific reason and share why you know they are the perfect person to give it to you.

2. Give them time to think. Although you want the input instantaneous, allow them time to think of quality feedback based on what and why you are specially looking for it.

3. Don’t overreact. Feedback is a gift, and like some gifts, you may not like or appreciate it at the time. Take it all in and use what you can as related to your original intent. 

4. Jot the feedback down. Though you may not use it all now, there is likely a bit of truth in the ones you don’t readily want to believe. Come back to it over time, but focus on what is needed to make you your best you now!!

5. Lastly, thank them for being so open and willing to share.  Avoid the sensation to give them feedback. This is NOT an opportunity for you to download all of the strengths and opportunities you have for them. You are listening and thanking....remember. 


Lolita E. Walker is the founder of Walker & Walker Enterprises: A Personal & Organizational Change Management Consultancy. She is a mother, process improvement specialist and change management expert. She will partner with you on how to free your mind of distractions, manage your transitions, and embrace your change through acceptance and renewal. Her change management program results in the self-discovery of strengths that drive your success, coaching that translates into increased communications with those depending on you, and a sustainable change map that drives clarity, confidence, ownership and action. Learn more about her ProgramPersonalized “Affirmations by Lolita,” Retreats, and other offerings that help you embrace and thrive in transition and change. Visit https://www.lolitawalker.com.


Lolita E. Walker

Lolita is a change expert and champion for women who founded Walker & Walker Enterprises, LLC. as a movement that helps and empowers busy women to take back moments for themselves to truly embrace, act, and thrive in the challenges of change. Through unique training workshops, speaking, coaching, 1:1 consultations, and affirmations, to name a few, Lolita is engaging and touching women's lives each day. Ownership, accountability, and clarity are three of her focal points throughout her teachings.