Extend your "Holiday" Season Year Round

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As you wind down the year and reflect on your past days with family, friends, and self, it is far too easy to immediately jump back into the hustle and bustle of everyday life, without truly capturing (and appreciating) your moments.

For some, the season brings laughs and fond memories. For others, it brings a bit of sadness and sorrow. Despite which you identify, we can agree that ‘tis the HOLIDAY season. Great news is that Mr. New Year brings a second look at EVERYTHING. He brings opportunities to start afresh and rejuvenated for the newness ahead. He brings the chance to forge a plan built upon the lessons of the past year. It is time for you to embrace what is ahead. Here’s to keeping your personal HOLIDAYS going for the entire new year!


·     Hope

Believe in yourself! Believe in your faith! Believe that you are your biggest cheerleader! Affirm yourself daily to make possible the greatness that is to come. Use affirmatives of I am, I will, I can and make your best happen daily! 

·     Order

Order your steps. Though we believe (including myself) that we are masters at multi-tasking, the reality is that it keeps us unfocused and unproductive. Try to avoid moving from task to task, by pouring 100% into completion of one at a time. It will ease your mind, order your steps, increase your productivity, and ensure completion.

·     Love

Pour love into everything that you do! Your work is a reflection of you and therefore should represent that greatness that you are.

·     Introspective

Before you can properly manage, coach, direct, or help others, you must first dig deep within. Are you where you need to be physically, mentally, and emotionally? Do you have a plan already in motion to ensure you reach those goals? Leading others begins with taking leadership of you.

·     Discovery

There is nothing more powerful than self-discovery! Listen to that little voice that tells you to push beyond where you are. Discover your strengths and use them to master the tasks right in front of you.

·     Acknowledgement

Acknowledge that you are a work in progress. Continuously improve yourself, your processes, your systems, and your routines.

·     YOU

You are your most important gift. You are your most important investment. Take care of you first, so that you can effectively take care of others.  Take advantage of one of the last 3 spots for the upcoming women's renewal retreat! A perfect opportunity to invest in you!

·     Simplicity

Keep It Super Simple! Simply, BE FREE! The rest will fall into place. Start each morning with a meditation, a prayer, soothing music, or whatever alternative centers you. Affirm your day through gratitude! This sets the tone for the productivity, selflessness, and greatness of your day.




Lolita E. Walker

Lolita is a change expert and champion for women who founded Walker & Walker Enterprises, LLC. as a movement that helps and empowers busy women to take back moments for themselves to truly embrace, act, and thrive in the challenges of change. Through unique training workshops, speaking, coaching, 1:1 consultations, and affirmations, to name a few, Lolita is engaging and touching women's lives each day. Ownership, accountability, and clarity are three of her focal points throughout her teachings.