How much would you say your BEST is worth?   

Before you answer, think about it a minute.  How much would you say your ABSOLUTE BEST is worth? 

Was your first thought to attach your worth to a dollar amount?

If so, I totally get it.  It is such a natural response and so interesting how the mind works.

For these few moments, I ask you to shift your thinking and approach the answer a bit differently.  Think about shifting your thought to another tangible - to your worth equating to your piece of mind., which affords your the ability to be free.  

When you identify a way to free yourself of the distractions and obstacles of your busy, every day life, you find release in the new ability to focus on you. THIS is your newfound focus of building your worth.

I'm sure you are thinking, this sounds great Lolita, but I simply have no time.  I am busy all day, busy at night, barely have a chance to go to the bathroom, and simply have no time to figure out what is my best really worth.  I have no time for me.

What if I challenged you and said.."Yes You Do!"  Think about it.  If there is an emergency and you have to stop what you are doing right now, what would you do?  You would drop what you are doing because your priorities INSTANTLY shifted.  That "something" became the most important action in your day, despite what you were doing previously.  What if you made yourself a priority?  What if the priority shifted to you?

My challenge to you is to make time.  You are worthy of it.  You have earned it, you deserve it, and you will get it.

Invest in Your, Invest in Your Worth!

Whether a walk around your office, an after-work appetizer at a local restaurant, a walk around the park, or a movie before heading home., it is oftentimes tough for us to reward ourselves without feeling guilty of what we could or think we should be doing.  I challenge you to get out of your own way. 

Hmmmm..How many times have you taken a moment for you this week?  If less than 3 hours, perhaps consider one or all of the following:

  1. Grab a personal trainer or accountability partner and schedule the gym into your calendar at least 2x a week.

  2. Walk around your office space at least 2x a week.

  3. Choose a single day of the week for a "me party." Schedule it in your calendar and do not deviate. Close down the computer and celebrate your wins from the week. Simply celebrate you!

Put on YOUR Oxygen First, Before You Help Others

Another opportunity to invest in you is to carve out time to rejuvenate and renew.  The "airplane approach" is spot on.  Take care of you so that you can then take care of others.  Some folks go to the spa, others simply look out over the ocean, but here is an opportunity to de-stress, unwind, and love on you.

Allow Dr. Jennifer Alexander, Dr. Safiyyah Rahman, Karima N. Roepel, and I to guide you on a journey to a weekend renewal of self-discovery, networking, and your reinvestment into you. 

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Lolita E Walker is a Certified Life Coach and Change Champion for Women.  She is at the forefront of a movement to empower women to embrace, act, and thrive in the challenges and triumphs that are before them, act in their strengths, and thrive in the greatness that they are.  Click Here to Read More

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Lolita E. Walker

Lolita is a change expert and champion for women who founded Walker & Walker Enterprises, LLC. as a movement that helps and empowers busy women to take back moments for themselves to truly embrace, act, and thrive in the challenges of change. Through unique training workshops, speaking, coaching, 1:1 consultations, and affirmations, to name a few, Lolita is engaging and touching women's lives each day. Ownership, accountability, and clarity are three of her focal points throughout her teachings.