It's Time for your RESET! The Summer is Here!

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Remember to capture YOUR wins

Embrace YOUR impacts

Surround your space with positive energy

Experience the joy of YOU

Trust that YOU ARE.......uniquely YOU  


The sun is out, the grills are lit, the beach is waiting on your arrival, and RESET season is here! It's time to pause, to reflect, to celebrate, and to enjoy YOU!  Here's 5 tips to help you get your summertime RESET on!!!  Have fun!!  


R is for Remember to capture YOUR wins

How amazing would it be to read your collective wins at the end of a long week?  How inspiring would it be to remember your achievements on those days you feel you have nothing more to give?  It’s all in your control!  If I may offer you one consideration, I would love for you to try something new in the upcoming week, which is something that has worked for me and a number of my clients, friends, and family.  Consider posting a flip chart pad or sheet of paper near the dinner table.  Each day before dinner, jot down your small win.  If there are other folks in your household, also consider dividing your paper in columns, with the name of each family member at the top, where everyone writes one small win from that day.  There are no rules, there is no judgement, but instead, simply the capture of what each person considers their win.  My 6-year-old son occasionally writes, “you picked me up early from after school” or “my teacher said I did great today.” Not only may this be a new dinner-time ritual and conversation piece, but it also showcases a moment in your day where you achieved something great…AND allows you to articulate it to people you know, trust, and love!  Congratulations.

E is for Embrace YOUR impacts

Far too often, we miss taking our moments to say “Wow, I did do that.” Even at a rarer instance do we take time to celebrate our impacts.  Did you know that you had an impact on someone yesterday and today?  Hmmm, you had to think about it right?  Well, it’s true.  Even when you don’t want to be or think you are, there is someone looking at you for encouragement and it’s OK to take moments to pause, reflect, and embrace the impact you are having on others.  Occasionally, it is even hard to fathom that someone saw you and your actions as role modelling a piece of where they want to be, an inspiration, a push, or a lesson. When you sit and reflect, you are able to embrace the fact that there is in fact, cause for celebration.”  

 Here’s a little story.  As I coached a client this week through a brainstorm of what would excite her in her moments of pause, she mentioned a “me party.”  Now a recurring schedule on Fridays at 5:00pm, with an hour reminder to wrap up at work, her new 5:00pm appointment with herself became the weekly celebration she needed for her.  I pass this along to you because a “me party,” quite simply put, is pausing to enjoy your moments.  It will differ for everyone, but for this amazing woman, her celebration includes take-out from a local restaurant, a glass of wine, a recliner, and her favorite Netflix movie.  I encourage you to define your “me party” AND get it scheduled today!


S is for Surround YOUR space with positive energy

Social media may remind you that you have 1K followers or 200 more connections in a single day, however your personal space is a sacred place.  This is reserved for the energy you want to give and that you wish to receive.  Surrounding yourself with people and things that push you beyond where you are today, will allow you to thrive in a newfound greatness you have yet to realize. 

E is for Experience the joy of YOU

Guilt, fear, and the notion that we are too busy to slow down,  are only three blocks that get in our way when we think of taking care of you first.  When you invest in taking care of yourself, you fuel your mind, your body, and your soul.  Who said being selfish on occasion is a bad thing?  My vote is that it is A-OK!  I posted an “instructional acronym” on SELFISH this week and would love to share it with you in the event that you missed my post on IG, FB, or LI.

selfish instructional aronym by lolita e walker.JPG

T is for Trust that YOU are uniquely YOU

Need a reminder?  Consider not only reminding yourself, but also reminding the world by grabbing a tee or tank that make the same power statements.


In summary, your RESET is all about YOU! An easy and poetic way to keep it all together is...

You are cordially

You are cordially

Remember to capture your small wins

Embrace the impacts you have made, then allow your celebrations to begin

Surround your space with positive energy, folks who lift you when you are at your worst

Experience the joy that comes along with taking care of you first

Trust that you are enough, you are worthy, and you are blessed! BEYOND MEASURE!


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Lolita E. Walker of Walker & Walker Enterprises

Lolita E. Walker is a change champion for women and a certified coach.  Her passion of witnessing transformation right before her eyes has sparked her movement of empowering women to embrace their challenges and triumphs, act in their strengths, and thrive in their greatness.  Personalized affirmations, coaching, women's retreats, products that make a statement, and more, Lolita meets you where you are and journeys you to where you want to be.


Lolita E. Walker

Lolita is a change expert and champion for women who founded Walker & Walker Enterprises, LLC. as a movement that helps and empowers busy women to take back moments for themselves to truly embrace, act, and thrive in the challenges of change. Through unique training workshops, speaking, coaching, 1:1 consultations, and affirmations, to name a few, Lolita is engaging and touching women's lives each day. Ownership, accountability, and clarity are three of her focal points throughout her teachings.