It's Time for You To L.E.A.P.

The jump is so frightening between where I am and where I want to be...because of all I will become I will close my eyes and leap.”
— Mary Anne Hershey

Ever had that butterfly feeling in your tummy and knew you should just do it, or been fed up and simply knew you need a change?  Well...


NOW IS YOUR TIME, YOUR TIME TO LEAP and here are 4 things to commit to memory that remind you YES, YOU CAN!


L is for Latch

Latch on to your faith and strengths, which will help you soar to greater heights.  

Ask 3 people you know to give you 3 of your strengths.  Shoot them an message, call them up, or ask them in person, the results will be the same.  You are looking for positive characteristics that make you.,YOU!  Ask them to give you an example of each one so you have context.  Try not to challenge what they share with you, over-analyze, or ask penetrating questions, because you have now opened your mind to receive their feedback as a gift.  Simply say thank you and most importantly of all, believe them.  Relish in the fact that you have many strengths, some that you know and some you have yet to realize. 

The reality is that we oftentimes fail to pause and simply take in our small wins.  Your strengths are wins.  They are what empower, inspire, motivate, challenge, and demand the positive attention you deserve.  Take your moments to pause because, guess what.... YOU ARE GREAT!  simply say thank you, let the feedback sit, and then think about how this strength can help you reach your goal!  This, alongside your faith, will propel you to SOAR!


E is for Expect

Expect ups and downs on the journey to bring life to your vision.  

If it were easy......well,,,, all of us would have leaped by now!  There will definitely be times you will question yourself and even contemplate whether or not you should quit.  There will be times you get extra energy because you are on a roll.  It is these energetic wins that will lift you when you begin to challenge your decision to leap.  Here's something that you can try.  At the end of each day, document a small win. Stick a sheet of paper, titled "Small Wins" on your wall so it is visible daily.  You can even section off columns for everyone in your household.  It is a fabulous family fun time, that after a few times, will become a fun habit that everyone looks forward to.  Stay consistent and lean on these accomplishments when your days, weeks, and months throw small doubts your way!  #YOUGOTTHIS


A is for Assess

Assess your progress and adjust to meet your goals.

Just because you have a plan doesn't mean you cannot adjust the plan as needed.  Your goal is clear, you have developed how you will get there, have tested it out over a period of time, and have a few results to warrant the change.  Do it!  It is your plan.  You created it to achieve your your goal.  Adjust as needed and be sure to measure your success.


P is for Prepare

Prepare to live and thrive in your greatness.  ITS RIGHT THERE!

When you have reached your goal, the magic that sits there awaiting you is confidence, commitment, power, determination, accomplishment, perseverance and reward!  You did that.  Yes, you are worthy!  Recognize and Reward Yourself!

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Lolita E Walker is the author of “The Intersection of You & Change,” Certified Life & Executive Coach and Change Champion for Women.  She is at the forefront of a movement to empower women to embrace, act, and thrive in the challenges and triumphs that are before them, act in their strengths, and thrive in the greatness that they are.  Click Here to Read More

Are YOU ready to L.E.A.P.? You are invited aboard Lolita’s Change Train!